Monday, March 15, 2010

Steak & Artichokes

Our favorite thing in the whole world besides each other is Cheesecake Factory's "Fire roasted Artichokes" Served with a Balsamic Vinaigrette and Garlic mayonnaise sauce. Seriously the most delicious thing I've ever tasted! I told Phil if he ever found me a recipe for this I would Love him 10 times more. Well...Last week he found the recipe! So last night we fired up the girl and cooked those bad boys. Btw, the artichokes were HUGE we got them at albertsons 2 for 3$. We also found some amazing steaks at Ralphs for $2.50 Each. These things were so big that I couldn't even finish half of one. Anyway back to the artichokes I made the sauces and they tasted exactly like Cheesecake factory's! I was so proud of myself. So let's break it down:

Cheesecake Artichoke Appetizer: $10.00
Our Artichoke Appetizer: $3.50
Cheesecake 10 oz. steak: $21.95
Our 10oz steak: $2.50

So for 2 of us to eat it cost $5!!! Are you kidding me. This makes me never want to go to a restaurant ever again! But we all know we can't mimic everyone of our favorite recipes. I plan on posting a favorite recipe once a week for you gals so after all the craziness with wedding stuff ends I will start this up. I don't plan on giving this recipe out until I've invited some of our favorite people over for dinner :). Don't you wish you knew who they were!

Next time we are making this...

It's Their Lemon Herb Chicken, Simply amazing.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is for Lacey...

( You've been my only insperation to post something new, So this post is dedicated to you!) I don't really know what to write so this is going to be TOTALLY random, Sorry!
Well I did move into our new Apt. Wednesday. I timed it today and we are exactly 1.30 Minutes away from the beach (That is driving) I can run fast, But not that fast! I Love it here. It does suck sleeping alone for the next 2 weeks though, Esp because it is so stink'n cold. Phil is going to come over tomorrow and light the fernice***? For me so I dont turn into an ice cube every time I walk in here. BTW, have I mentioned how thankful I am to have the handiest and smartest man alive, no seriously! Most of you know he can fix ANYTHING! It's a blessing and I learn something new everyday. Last week one of my front headlights went out and i'm pretty sure he put a new one in in about 5 mins. (usually this would be easy but for some reason my car is so compact and he had to take it apart to even get to the light. So...if you ever have something you need fixed give him a call.

This is of course our front door. The next picture of course is our kitchen, the last picture is our second bedroom. Please don't judge my decorating skills JUST yet, I only put my wedding decorations around the house!

I made the last picture Large so that you can see the 2 little love doves sitting on the adorable Yellow night stand. I took a picture os our Gorgeous newly remodeled Bathroom (By "Newly" I mean 1 week) but I can't rotate it! So you will have to wait to see that. My wedding dress is hanging up in our bedroom and in the day it looks so perfect with the sun shining on it. I can't wait to wear it (2 weeks)!!! If you can't tell i'm VERY excited!
I Found this picture surfing the net for (old people) and I thought it was so funny. I hope Nicole has a blog because she will find this funny. Phil and I Love hanging out at brandon and Coco's bC they have a wii! Hopefully when we're older we will look this cool playing it! The old man in the back totally reminds me of Phil (so into the game& serious) hahaha.

Well, I don't really know what else to say right now but I can't wait to see all of my girls in 2 weeks and all of my family & Phils family! Hi mother in Law, If you're reading! I also wanted to say thank you to all of our close friends & for the amazing examples you have been to us! It's so crazy to think that pretty much every couple we have hung out with in the past 2 years are married, will be married tomorrow or next weekend and then a month after us! WOW, Lot's of weddings! I'm excited for everyone of you and I can't wait to watch your families grow. I love you all and i'm so sorry this post is soooo long!


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here are some of our favorite pictures from our Engagement session with Dre. She did an AMAZING job, We are SO happy with the pictures. Thanks Dre!

Location 1: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Craft Time...

Project 1: Pinwheels

I thought these lil guys were SO cute that I just had to make some for myself. I might incorporate them somehow in my wedding. They are super easy to make also.

I found out how to make these from the talented gals at ::posh paperie::